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Top Preventive Measures to Protect Your Property from Storm Damage

Top Preventive Measures to Protect Your Property from Storm Damage

Storm damage can devastate your property. At Burke’s Restoration, we’re not just a business, we’re your neighbors. As much as we’d love your business, we’d prefer it if you never need our storm damage restoration services. We know how emotionally devastating it can be to go through this type of traumatic situation. That’s why we offer the following tips to help protect your property from storm damage.

Ensure Proper Drainage

Often, the difference between no flood damage and devastating flood damage is a simple matter of ensuring water drains properly on your property. Pay attention to the way that water flows on your property when it rains. If water collects in certain areas, especially if these areas are above or adjacent to your structures, consider improving your drainage. The next time a major storm shows up, the pooled water can overwhelm its normal basins, leading to flooding of your home or office.

Consult with an expert about how to change the slope of your property to direct water away from buildings and pavement that might be vulnerable to flooding or other effects of water. If necessary, install drains under the soil to ensure the water flows properly away from vulnerable structures.

Inspect Your Roof

Your roof is your home’s primary protection against the elements of the storm. You want to make sure that it’s up to the job. Check your roof covering to make sure it’s secure. Loose shingles or shakes can blow off. Without a proper covering, your roof will be more vulnerable to rainwater.

Take the time to inspect the roof from below, using the attic or crawlspace. Look not just for current moisture, but also signs that water has entered the roof in the past. This includes old growth of mold or mildew as well as boards that look swollen or warped. Also, look for places where the roof might have been damaged by heavy snow. Heavy snow deposits can create depressions in the roof where water can pool and eventually infiltrate your home.

Finally, take the time to inspect the connection between your roof and walls. If these are weak or damaged, it can increase the risk that your roof might blow off.

Secure Outdoor Items

During heavy winds, anything outside your house or office can become a dangerous projectile. Wind can blow objects through your window or wall.

Put smaller items like toys, bikes, and lawn furniture inside containers or outbuildings when not in use. If you can’t move these items inside, make sure to secure them to something strong enough to hold them. For larger items, make sure they are secure in the ground and strong enough that they will not come apart in a heavy wind.

Consider changing your landscaping materials, too. Rocks and gravel can become dangerous projectiles, breaking your windows or even putting holes in your siding during a strong wind event. Replace them with mulch that won’t cause as much damage when blown around. If you have a gravel driveway, consider paving it to reduce the likelihood of damage during heavy winds.

Remove Sick Trees and Branches

One common cause of storm damage is trees and branches that blow down or break off in a strong wind. To prevent this, take the time to inspect and maintain your trees. Look for dead and damaged branches, or other signs that a tree is sick. Also, note if erosion is exposing a tree’s roots, as this can make the tree more vulnerable to blowing over.

Know what kinds of trees you have on your property and which ones are most vulnerable to blowing over in strong winds. If you have any doubts about trees or branches on your property, contact an arborist to remove potential problems.

Inspect Window Seals

Your windows should seal properly to keep out wind and rain. Worn or faulty seals can cause your windows to leak in stormy conditions. Water coming through the windows might initially lead to subtle water damage, but it can build up over time. In addition, damaged seals can allow much more infiltration of water under the right conditions.

It’s best to repair leaky window seals before you experience significant water damage.

Consider Preventive Upgrades

Another way to protect your property from storm damage is to upgrade vulnerable components. Vinyl or aluminum siding, for example, are highly susceptible to wind damage. Broken windows are extremely common during storms. You can head off storm damage by replacing your siding with a more resilient material. You can also install storm shutters or replace windows with impact-resistant glass.

Not sure which upgrades might be appropriate for your property? Contact your insurance company, and they’ll tell you which upgrades they recommend for homes in the area. Taking these preventive steps might also lead to reductions in your premiums.

If You Do Experience Storm Damage, Contact Burke’s Restoration

No matter how hard you try, it’s virtually impossible to prevent all storm damage to your home, especially in light of the changing conditions we’re experiencing along the Washington-Idaho border.

When storm damage occurs, the scale and severity of it can make everything seem hopeless, but don’t despair. Burke’s Restoration is ready to step in and take over the process to get your home restored back to its original condition. We offer 24/7 emergency response services, and our team will arrive promptly after your call ready to begin work. We follow meticulous procedures and utilize the best equipment to get your repairs completed quickly and correctly. Burke’s provides comprehensive storm damage restoration services, so we can handle the entire process from beginning to end. You won’t have to deal with separate contractors to complete the process. We also coordinate with your insurance company. We know their procedures and follow them closely to ensure that you’re eligible for the full compensation due under the terms of your insurance policy.

When you’re faced with devastating storm damage to your property, contact us to schedule an appointment. Burke’s Restoration is the area’s leading restoration company since 2012. We serve Spokane, Coeur d’Alene, and all points in between.

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