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Most Common Home Repairs After Wind Damage

Most Common Home Repairs After Wind Damage

Summer is thunderstorm season across eastern Washington and western Idaho. These thunderstorms can bring numerous dangers to your property, including intense winds. These may be straight-line winds driven by the storm’s downdrafts, or they might be tornadoes. Although tornadoes are rare in our region, Spokane County has more tornadoes than surrounding areas.

When wind hits your home, it can badly damage it. As the area’s leading storm damage restoration company since 2012, we’ve seen a lot of wind damage, and we know what types of issues you can expect when a high wind event occurs. Here are some of the most common home repairs we see related to wind damage.

Roof Damage Repair

Your roof has the difficult job of protecting your home from all types of weather, including wind. That’s why it often takes the brunt of damage when extreme wind hits.

Sometimes wind damage to the roof is relatively minor. Some roof coverings, like shingles and shakes, might be vulnerable to getting blown off. Rooftop equipment like vents, swamp coolers, air conditioners, and more might be damaged.

However, roof damage from wind events can be severe. The wind can sometimes get under your roof and blow it right off. Even if the wind doesn’t transport your roof a long distance, separating the roof from the home can be serious, and it will likely require the replacement of the roof.

Falling trees are also a major threat to your roof. When a tree – or even a large branch – falls onto your roof, it can break the roof apart.

Burke’s Restoration can handle all levels of roof repair due to wind damage, from replacing a few shingles to redoing your entire roof.

Broken Window Replacement

Windows are also vulnerable to wind. Whenever the wind is strong enough to lift and carry objects, from small rocks to large branches, it can propel these objects into your windows. If you don’t have storm shutters or high-impact glass, you’re likely to suffer more than a few broken windows.

We’re used to replacing broken windows. If you have just one or two broken, you can decide if you want the replacements to match the others or if you want to take the opportunity to update the windows in your home. We can even help when the wind damages the window frame or wall around the window.

Siding or Façade Repairs

High winds can damage your home’s façade in many ways. Just like windows, your siding might be vulnerable to wind-driven objects. Gravel, for example, can shred your vinyl siding when driven by high winds.

Wind can also get behind your home’s façade and pull it off. Vinyl and aluminum siding are particularly vulnerable to this type of damage, but they’re not alone. Brick facades can peel off the home if they’re not well fastened or if the fastening bolts are corroded. Even stucco isn’t immune to wind damage. It can crack, which will allow water to seep into the façade or wall.

At Burke’s Restoration, we often repair or replace siding and façades after high wind events. We can assess your damage to determine the extent of repairs necessary to your home’s walls.

Garage Door Damage Repairs

Garage doors are highly vulnerable to wind damage. They are wide, flat, and poorly secured compared to your home’s walls. Strong winds can tear down your garage door. This can cause secondary damage as the door might fly into the garage interior or be driven outside where it could blow through a window.

Burke’s Restoration can easily repair your damaged garage door, as well as restore damage to your home caused by the loose door.

Outdoor Appliance and Accessory Damage

Anything outside of your home is vulnerable to high winds. You might have an outdoor breakfast nook, for example, or a playground area that might be damaged by high winds. In addition, common appliances like air conditioners and evaporative coolers are often exposed to wind and may be damaged.

The comprehensive expertise of Burke’s Restoration means that we are prepared to handle repairs or the replacement of any outdoor appliances damaged by high winds.

Secondary Water Damage

Sometimes the worst damage caused by high winds is what comes after. Once winds have compromised your roof or windows, your home is open to the rest of the elements, including water. People often experience a significant amount of water damage to their homes after a high wind event.

At Burke’s Restoration, we are very familiar with water damage restoration. From roof leaks to flooding caused by broken windows, we know how to assess and restore water damage to your home. We don’t just address the visible water damage – we know how water can infiltrate your home. We can suck out water from carpets and wall spaces, even drying water hidden from sight, then provide repairs from simple cosmetic touch-ups to comprehensive structural repairs.

Why Choose Burke’s Restoration for Wind Damage Restoration

When you have serious wind damage to your home, don’t hesitate to call Burke’s Restoration. We offer 24/7 emergency response services. Our team will arrive quickly, and we get right to work. Plus, we can handle every part of the storm damage restoration process so you’ll only have one touch point for all your home’s repairs.

At Burke’s Restoration, our team of licensed, bonded and insured technicians are meticulous and detail-oriented, and we use the latest equipment to ensure your repairs are efficient and complete. Plus, we can coordinate with your insurance company to ensure a smoother claims process. We document everything from beginning to end according to insurance company guidelines, maximizing your odds of getting the maximum compensation allowed by the terms of your policy.

If you’ve suffered wind damage to your home in Spokane, Coeur d’Alene, or anywhere in between, choose the area’s leading restoration company since 2012: Burke’s Restoration. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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